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i-Fashion was created to a be the epicenter of your fashion needs.

Established in 1989, I-Fashion started as Contempos Photography. Even back then we understood that capturing a moment in time that can never be created again makes every photo special. It’s important to us that our clients acknowledge that we act as a team. The importance of knowing that all this cannot be created by one individual is key to i-Fashions Progress. The creative abilities of a MUA, Hair Stylist, designer, etc. help create a final product that all can be proud of.

When I first started taking pics, it was a fun experience. But getting my work known to a greater audience was a bigger challenge than I expected. When attempting to get into magazines or attaining models and designers for shoots, I learned the only thing that separated me from the rest was my style of shooting. It is significant that you don’t just become a person with a camera, but an individual with a creative tool. Hence the birth of i-Fashion Magazine.

The Magazine started as a way to showcase my work to a greater audience. I wanted to also showcase new models, designers, MUA’s, hair stylist…anyone that was in the fashion industry and wanted to broaden their influence in fashion. The magazine started as a free publication on-line and reached an audience of over 150 thousand. We decided to take it to the next level and go to print and surprisingly maintained over 75 percent support of our on-line followers.

I–Fashion Management & I-Fashion Management South was created as an exclusive part of the i-Fashion World to further the careers of those individuals who we felt had a special gift and needed it developed. Unlike most management companies or agencies, we do not select individuals by holding large meaningless castings just to produce numbers. We individually select models we feel will represent what it is to be a model as well as represnt the i-Fashion Brand. We want to give you the individual attention you deserve and provide the tools and skills to get signed to those larger agencies. The only fees involved are for your photo-shoots, which you are more than welcome to choose your own photographer, as long as they fit i-Fashion standards and your comp cards. Everything else is on us.

So thank you for walking with us through the i-fashion experience and welcome to our i-fashion world.

Wishing you the best of luck.


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